Hernandez praises House action to clean up Michigan lakes and rivers

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State Representative Shane Hernandez (R-Port Huron) praised the members of the Michigan House of Representatives for passing SB 402 in overwhelmingly bipartisan fashion. The legislation allows the state greater flexibility when awarding grants to communities for projects needed to alleviate urgent public health risks, and protect the drinking water of Michigan families.

“Clean water is not a partisan issue,” Hernandez said. “I am very proud of my house colleagues for passing this much-needed legislation. If this bill is signed into law, Worth Township will be eligible for an additional grant which could result in savings for those residents located in the new sewer district.”

SB 402, which passed 107 to 1 on Wednesday, gives the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality the ability to award funds based on the most urgent need. Under current law, communities that are experiencing discharge of raw sewage into Michigan waters are limited in the funds they receive simply because they may have received other funding in the past.

“SB 402 does not increase spending by the department,” Hernandez continued, “it simply allows existing money to go where it is needed most.”

SB 402 now heads back to the Michigan State Senate where it is expected to pass with strong bipartisan support.