Hernandez bill protects concealed pistol license holders

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‘Punishment should fit the crime’ for people who forget to renew CPL

The House Judiciary Committee today advanced state Rep. Shane Hernandez’s bill protecting concealed pistol license (CPL) holders from facing excessive and unreasonable punishments simply for forgetting to renew their licenses before the expiration date.

CPL holders currently face the possibility of a five-year felony if they are found in possession of a concealed pistol even one day after their license expires. The same punishment as individuals who have never obtained a CPL.

“An honest person who has every intention of following the rules doesn’t deserve to face felony charges merely for forgetting about the expiration date on their concealed pistol license,” said Hernandez, of Port Huron. “This legislation puts some common sense back into the law and ensures the punishment fits the crime.”

The Hernandez legislation creates a six-month “grace period” after the license expires where people who remain eligible for a CPL would be subject to a $330 fine. The fine can be waived if the individual receives a renewal license within 60 days of the violation.

House Bill 4458 moves to the full House for consideration.