Heise votes for budget with more funding for schools and roads

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State Rep. Kurt Heise today voted to approve a budget plan that includes significant increases for schools and roads.

The Michigan House today approved a budget that adds an additional $350 million to improve roads, more than $440 million for schools and an additional $75 million to the Budget Surplus Fund.

“This budget is an efficient and streamlined plan that uses the hard-earned tax dollars entrusted to us by the residents of Michigan in a responsible way,” said Heise, R-Plymouth.

“With this budget, which we once again finished months ahead of schedule, we will be able to educate our children, help fix our roads, and place money into our surplus fund in an effort to maintain long-term stability.”

House Bill 4328, one of two state budget bills, includes $351 million in additional funding for roads and infrastructure.  A projected $1.2 billion is needed to improve Michigan roads and bridges, and some officials have proposed additional taxes and fees to help pay for it.

“The number one issue on the minds of most Michiganders is roads,” Heise said.  “We were able to find a way to begin to fix our problems without resorting to an increase in fees or new taxes,” Heise said. “Another top priority is our public education system, which we able to increase funding for across the board from K-12 all the way up to our universities and colleges. We have found a conservative way to fund what matters in a way that is efficient and accountable.”

Heise explained that an increase of more than $443 million will be spent on K-12 education.  This includes $40 million more for early childhood education and $25 million reserved for future program spending.

Other highlights of the budget bills include:

  • $75 million for the state’s Rainy Day Fund; and
  • $20 million in individual tax relief.


HB 4328 and HB 4228, the other budget measure, now go to the Senate for consideration.