Haveman statement regarding an emergency manager for Detroit

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House Appropriations Committee Chairman Joe Haveman, R-Holland, issued the following statement regarding Gov. Snyder’s decision to appoint an emergency manager for Detroit:

I am proud of Gov. Snyder for doing the right thing and making the tough, necessary decision, even though it will not be an easy road for him to travel going forward.

This isn’t about politics; it’s about people, and the people of Detroit deserve a more effective government that delivers results. They need critical services, and an emergency manager is the best way to keep city services up and running while it recovers.

We have accomplished a lot to help the City of Detroit in the past couple of years, including legislation to keep the streetlights on, a plan for a regional transit authority, higher standards and better leadership for Detroit Public Schools, a plan to fight arson in Wayne County, special consideration for the city’s income tax and special tax exemptions that recognize their unique situation, and development of a new sports and entertainment district.

But no matter what help we provide from Lansing, Detroit’s long-term obstacles will remain until a more responsible leadership team helps the city get back on track. Today’s decision is a very important step in in protecting Detroit residents.

People throughout Michigan recognize the important role a healthy Detroit plays statewide. I will continue to support reforms that help make the city all that it can be.