Haveman ready to work on Michigan’s future

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State Rep. Joe Haveman, R- Holland, released the following statement after Gov. Rick Snyder’s 2013 State of the State address.

“I always appreciate the governor’s ability to lay out a concise plan for our state’s future. There have been no easy choices or quick fixes since we began working together on Michigan’s recovery, and his willingness to drive right at the heart of a matter has been a key asset for our work. We have been able to work together on many key reforms in the past two years, and we will have to do even more to keep our recovery going.

“As the governor likes to say, ‘don’t take credit, don’t assign blame, just fix the problem.’ We have made great progress over the past two years, and I believe we can continue working together on these issues over the next two.

“The economy is turning around and things are finally improving in Michigan, but we have a long way to go before our work is done. There are significant reforms left to tackle and important decisions to be made. I look forward to taking the governor’s proposals and vetting them through the committee process as we find the best way forward for Michigan’s residents.”