Glardon helping sponsor legisation to assist farmers, residents who use renewable energy

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Michigan residents with windmills on their property would no longer have to pay personal property taxes on the devices under legislation unveiled today by state Rep. Ben Glardon.

Glardon, a member of the House Agriculture Committee, is working with the committee chair on the legislation, which exempts residential wind and solar conversion devices from the taxes if the majority of the energy generated is used on the premises.            

“The use of renewable energy is an important way to lessen our dependence on foreign oil while promoting a healthy environment, but right now our tax system makes it cost-prohibitive,” said Glardon, R-Owosso.  “This legislation will give people a tangible incentive to consider renewable energy options.  It also protects those residents who have blazed the trail and already purchased these innovative devices.”            

Current state law is ambiguous as to whether wind turbines are exempt from the personal property tax.  House Bill 4245, co-sponsored by Glardon, would ensure that residents with windmills are exempt from the PPT.  The legislation does not affect taxing or revenue for commercial wind turbines.

Glardon has been on the forefront of the issue after hearing from constituents about the need for the legislation.