Our future is our children

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State Superintendent Mike Flanagan, appointed as a non-partisan superintendent by the Michigan Board of Education, recently went on the record about education funding under Republican leadership. Flanagan said, “Debates aside about how much of an increase there is – there’s been improved funding the last couple years.”

“We need to continue to invest in our kids. And I appreciate the start that this legislature and governor have made. I do think we can and will do more in the future.”

— Superintendent Flanagan

Since 2010, Republican leadership from the House, Senate and governor has increased money spent on education in Michigan by more than a billion dollars. During the same time, federal aid for schools coming into Michigan for public schools has decreased by over a quarter of a billion dollars.
House Republicans have built upon the strong foundation each year  by making it a priority to invest in Michigan’s K-12 school system as well as its early childhood education programs. Last year, Republicans led the way by investing nearly $450 million for K-12 education, which helped per-student funding reach its highest level in years. Another $65 million was invested for early childhood education, which has resulted in at least 16,000 more children gaining the opportunity to attend preschool.

And it’s gone up again this year — the School Aid Fund budget for fiscal year 2015 will be the highest amount of money invested in education in Michigan history.

One of the top priorities for Republican leadership in the House has been, and continues to be, funding our public schools at a high level so they can make sure our children are prepared to become future leaders. If we continue to build upon our strong foundation and provide the right investments, we will ensure a brighter future for Michigan’s children.