#FF Child support reforms help our children toward a #BrighterFuture

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Child supportWelcome to this week’s #FollowFriday, where we look at bills that tackle the complex and sometimes burdensome process of securing child support agreements. The Michigan House and Senate have been hard at work on a nearly 25 bill package to help streamline and improve the process of agreeing on child support payments.

A few highlights from the package include:

  • Allowing prosecuting attorneys and friends of the court to consolidate all child support functions to one local agency to make it easier for the custodial parent to navigate the process of securing a child support agreement.
  • More efficient and quicker methods of establishing paternity based upon scientific proof instead of lengthy lawsuits
  • Allows for support orders to be put into place without a hearing if both parties agree on the support amount. Eliminating the need for a hearing saves time and money for the parents and the court systems.
  • Streamlining the process of setting child support will help to ensure parents can provide for their children and will shorten the time that parents may have to rely on state assistance.
  • Authorizes a court to consider the best interest of a child when determining if it should revoke the paternity of a father
  • Provide courts with an option for special dockets to monitor individuals who are in contempt and have certain disabling conditions that make them a risk to violate a child support order

With the much needed adjustments to the way that child support is filed and handled, children can be supported and cared for by both parents. Children are given the opportunity to lead successful lives toward a brighter future.

Keep up with this important legislation as it makes its way through the legislative process to the governor’s desk.