#FF: Road work ahead, thanks to new transportation bills

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Speaker Bolger presents the House roads plan to the House Transportation Committee Thursday morning.

Welcome to this week’s #FollowFriday! Four bills are beginning their legislative journey in the Michigan House, ensuring more resources will be dedicated to our state’s roadways thanks to better investment of taxpayer dollars.

The bills will make structural changes in the state’s transportation funding, focusing on increased efficiency, better quality and improved fairness while increasing road funding to a minimum of $450 million in 2015.

Spurred by the recently unveiled plan to “Build Better Michigan Roads,” the bills introduced Thursday included:

  • House Bills 5452 and 5453 to increase permit fees and fines for overweight or oversized trucks,
  • HB 5460 to increase warranty requirements on road and bridge improvement projects, and
  • HB 5459 to dedicate available sales tax revenue – not going to schools or local governments – to roads.
Along with Michigan motorists, the Legislature wants to see better roads, too. By combining all our efforts we’ll be able to see positive changes in Michigan’s roads sooner, not later.

— Rep. Mike McCready, sponsor of HBs 4630 and 5452

House Bills 5167, 4251 and 4925 are also a part of the legislative package, allowing the state and local municipalities to enter into private-public partnerships and expanding the competitive bidding process to ensure funding is used most efficiently.

House Bill 4630 also dedicates more dollars to transportation funding through late fees for vehicle registration.

Those bills are currently before the House Transportation Committee, and HBs 5452, 5453 and 5460 will be joining them there. HB 5459 heads to the House Tax Policy Committee.

The condition of our roads has been a decades-long problem and this past winter created another bump in the road, making the need for additional road funding all the greater.

Michiganders have spoken, and the Michigan House has listened, taking action to rebuild Michigan’s roads with long-term, long-lasting investments.

It’s time to invest in Michigan’s roads and bridges, and do it in a more effective way.

Check out the Speaker’s release with all the details of the proposal and be sure to follow all the bills in the transportation package as they embark on their road trip through the Michigan House.