Female entrepreneurs are rebuilding Detroit

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Mike Kline | Getty Images/Flickr RF (Fortune Magazine)Detroit has exited bankruptcy, and the future of the city has never looked brighter

As Detroit quickly becomes both a vibrant cultural and business center once again, Michiganders — and now the rest of the country — can see the city is on the comeback. In fact, Fortune Magazine recently published a story highlighting the fact that Detroit is morphing into a land of opportunity for entrepreneurs — with women founding many of these new startup businesses.

Both Rachel Schostack, founder of Styleshack; and Erin Gavle, founder of the El Dorado General Store, have worked and lived in other cities but saw an opportunity in Detroit and chose to come home and start their businesses in the city. There seems to be a drive and creativity among these new entrepreneurs that mimics the potential of Detroit and the state as a whole.

Detroit is a perfect example of what can be done by entrepreneurs who think big and are game changers. Unlike other cities, entrepreneurs can see how their work is playing an active role in the revitalization of a great American city.

–Ross Sanders, Bizdom

The city has low barriers for business entry and increasing demand for more products and services, making Detroit the ideal hub for startups. Additionally, the city has also fostered a community which features a multitude of resources for fledgling entrepreneurs, making the decision to start a business downtown Detroit clear and easy.

Companies like Bizdom and TechTown Detroit offer work space and mentoring for fledgling companies, helping move the city even further forward. As residents and visitors drive through Detroit and see more and more lit windows, Michigan and the country can truly say Detroit is starting to experience a brighter future.