Detroit Free Press: Michigan’s expanded Medicaid could be a model for other states

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Healthy Michigan is set to go live on April 1, and the Detroit Free Press is touting the program’s added personal responsibility and long-term cost savings.

Stressing healthy habits and control over healthcare options, the plan to bring Medicaid coverage to as many as 470,000 Michiganders could — and should — be the model for nearly two dozen other states trying to decide whether to expand their Medicaid programs.

“If other states decide to expand, they’ll be able to look at Michigan as a really good example of the way it can be done.”

— from the Detroit Free Press

But there’s another facet of our particular approach to Medicaid expansion that makes Michigan unique — the demands we placed on the federal government to uphold its end of the bargain.



If for any reason the federal government can no longer keep its promise and the savings from the program fail to cover the additional costs, Michigan reverts back to the unexpanded version and taxpayers will NOT be left on the hook.

Check out the full Freep article for more details about Michigan’s model for Medicaid expansion, then listen to Rep. Al Pscholka talk about our state’s Medicaid reforms.