Crawford applauds legislation to create veterans designation on driver’s licenses

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State Rep. Hugh Crawford today voted to approve legislation that will make it easier for Michigan veterans to receive the benefits and discounts they deserve.

House Bills 4287 and 4037 creates an optional designation on a driver’s licenses and state IDs for Michigan veterans that will eliminate some of the hassle they encounter when identifying themselves as a veteran.

“Veterans put their lives on the line to protect our freedom and in doing so have earned certain benefits,” said Crawford, R-Novi. “We must improve the quality of life for our veterans, and I believe this bill does that. By placing the designation on licenses and ID cards veterans will now have an easy way to demonstrate their service and receive the benefits they have earned.”

As an added measure to ensure veterans are receiving their benefits, the Secretary of State’s office will provide the application information to Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

Crawford, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, said the legislation would make Michigan the 28th state to have a veterans designation on their driver’s licenses.

HB 4037 now heads to the Senate for consideration