Cox legislation to ban dismemberment abortions approved by House panel

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Legislation authored by state Rep. Laura Cox to criminalize and ban the practice of dismemberment abortions has been approved by the House Committee on Criminal Justice.

“The committee’s approval of these bills is a step in the right direction to ensure that this barbaric form of abortion is no longer practiced in Michigan,” said Rep. Cox, R-Livonia. “As a mother myself, I cannot stand by and allow this gruesome practice to continue any longer.”

The bills voted out of committee were House Bills 4833 and 4834. HB 4833 defines and adds dismemberment abortion to the Michigan penal code, making it a criminal offense for any physician who performs a dilation and evacuation (D&E) abortion, commonly referred to as dismemberment abortion. HB 4834 adds dismemberment abortion to the Michigan code of criminal procedure adjacent to partial-birth abortion, creating a maximum two-year prison sentence for physicians who perform a D&E abortion.

“More than 2,200 babies died last year as a result of D&E abortions,” Rep. Cox said. “This brutal procedure has become commonplace in our state and its time this practice ended.”

HBs 4833 and 4834 now advance to the full House for further consideration.