House Speaker Kevin Cotter unveils key focus points for roads

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House Speaker Kevin Cotter today announced key
principles he said will build a good foundation for
a permanent road-funding solution.

Speaker Cotter talking to WJR about the future of road funding in Michigan.

Speaker Cotter on WWJ discussing what happens next to fund road repairs.

Speaker Cotter appearing on the Frank Beckmann show to lay out the pillars for future road funding plans.

The Speaker also spoke with Michael Patrick Shiels to discuss the future of road funding in Michigan.

The people of Michigan were heard loud and clear: focus on the roads, find a simple solution and keep taxes low. Today, the challenge is to follow their direction and find a way to properly invest in Michigan’s infrastructure and fix the roads.

Stable and dedicated funding is the most important and challenging piece of the puzzle, and where that funding is found is a complex question. House Republicans are always open to new ideas for finding the long-term solution Michiganders deserve, and Speaker Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant, said he’d like to stick to four foundational pillars as the road-funding conversation continues.

We are laser-focused on road funding. We will fix the roads.

–House Speaker Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant


Fair taxes

One of the most common criticisms of Proposal 1 was that it included unrelated spending and handouts. Under the proposal, taxpayer money went to other people, not just to roads. A future plan must make the tax code fairer for everyone. For example, the income tax code currently contains several subjective and arbitrary credits and exemptions, which often force the state to pay out taxpayer dollars. House Republicans can do better.

Use existing dollars

Michigan collects nearly $20 billion in revenue annually that is restricted by law or the state constitution. A thorough review of these dollars and their original purpose is long overdue, which is why it’s already part of the House Republican Action Plan. House Republicans will evaluate the state’s restricted funds to make sure the taxpayers’ hard-earned dollars are used in the right place and on the right priorities.

Better prioritize road funding

House Republicans have dedicated nearly $1 billion to roads over the past few years. However, Michigan still needs a more stable, long-term way to fund roads appropriately every year. Predictable funding would repair roads and improve the strength of Michigan’s growing economy for years to come.

Ensure quality work

Although the tax hike and unrelated spending included in Proposal 1 are unpopular, the transparency and consumer protection pieces of the plan are very well-received. The people of Michigan want to know their tax dollars are being used wisely and efficiently, and they want state government to protect their investment in roads and bridges.

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