Committee approves Rep. Lucido bills to improve safety for Michigan drivers

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Legislation clarifies rules for drivers and ensures their safety

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee this week approved two bills authored by state Rep. Peter Lucido updating the rules for drivers and ensuring their safety on Michigan roads.

Current law says a license plate must be free from any obstruction. The Lucido legislation exempts any type of device designed to carry an object on the rear of a vehicle from being considered a license plate obstruction, including tow balls, bike racks and removable hitches.

The definition of a “clearly visible” plate was removed from the bill.

“The current statute is very broad and allows for law enforcement officials to issue a citation for an obstructed license plate,” said Lucido, of Shelby Township.  “This bill gives motorists peace of mind when hauling a bike rack on their vehicle.”

Police can conduct a traffic stop if the individual’s license plate has a foreign object that obstructs any portion of the license plate regardless the circumstances or construction of the vehicle.

The second bill requires the drivers training curriculum to include instruction on what to do if pulled over by law enforcement. Currently, in Michigan it is not an educational requirement to teach drivers what to do when pulled over.

This bill requires that people going through drivers training be taught what to do when emergency lights are activated by law enforcement through pulled over process.

Lucido said it recently became law in Illinois to require drivers education to teach students the proper procedure when pulled over by police, to ensure public safety and officer safety.

House Bills 4705 and 4881 move to the full House for consideration.