The clues point to a #BrighterFuture for Michigan

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Pinkerton-s-national-detective-agency-we-never-sleepYou don’t have to work at a famous detective agency to see the clues here: Michigan is poised for a brighter future. A new story from the AP out today shows that Michigan’s economy is growing faster than both the Great Lakes region and the national economy.

On top of that, more evidence of Michigan’s economic recovery was discovered today by the super sleuths at the Detroit Free Press. Famous detective agency Pinkerton will move its global headquarters to downtown Ann Arbor, bringing 30 workers to the new building, with a likelihood of hiring about 10 more workers shortly after the official relocation.

Pinkerton is a company with a very rich history.  From foiling an assassination attempt of President Lincoln in 1861 and serving as the forerunner of the U.S. Secret Service during the Civil War to assisting clients after hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Wilma and Sandy in 2005, Pinkerton detectives are always on the case.  The company even hired Kate Warne, considered by many to be the first female detective in the United States.

“It reflects well on the city and the state. It shows the community is competitive.”

— Steve Powers, Ann Arbor City Administrator

For over 160 years, Pinkerton has been providing quality service to its clients throughout the world, and now it has chosen to make Michigan its home as it looks to expand its services and reinvent itself, just as Michigan has reinvented itself after the Great Recession.

We welcome this great company to Michigan, and look forward to working with them to provide a brighter future for the residents of our great state.