Chairman Haveman’s statement on the Fiscal Year 2014 budget

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House Appropriations Committee Chairman Joe Haveman, R-Holland, issued the following statement following the passage of the Fiscal Year 2014 budget in the House:

“This budget continues our move toward smarter, more efficient government in Michigan. We worked hard to find a way to strengthen funding for key areas like schools, early childhood education, public safety, roads, intelligent corrections reforms and the budget stabilization fund while keeping the overall increase in spending well below the rate of inflation. This is what careful, conservative budgeting looks like.

“I am proud of the work we all put in on this responsible budget plan — the subcommittee chairs I work with on the Appropriations Committee, our colleagues across the aisle, our counterparts in the Senate and the governor. It is not easy to do what we did, strengthening so many key areas while respecting the taxpayers, but it is incredibly important.”