Chairman Haveman’s Statement on Gov. Snyder’s Budget Recommendation

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Our responsible budgeting over the last two years has delivered results. Michigan has a healthier economy, an improved credit rating outlook and a much more efficient state government. Going forward, we must stick to this long-term plan for success by continuing to prioritize programs that work.

Every dollar we spend comes from the pocket of one of Michigan’s hard-working taxpayers, and every budget decision we make deeply impacts the lives of this state’s residents. That means we have a responsibility to spend those funds wisely and focus our efforts on programs that give taxpayers the best return on their investment.

It is now our responsibility to take up the governor’s proposals and begin a thorough process to determine what works and what still needs work. I trust our subcommittee chairs and their committee members to do a great job fact-finding, building a consensus and giving us solid recommendations. Working closely with the governor, the Senate and our colleagues across the aisle, we will come together on a responsible budget agreement that builds on Michigan’s turnaround.