Chair Hernandez issues statement on budget plan approved by Michigan House

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Rep. Shane Hernandez – chair of the Michigan House Appropriations Committee – issued the following statement after the House approved its budget plan for the 2019-20 fiscal year:

“After a thorough review of the state budget, the Michigan House approved a plan investing significantly more in top priorities – like roads and schools – without the governor’s proposed 45-cent per gallon tax increase.

“We accomplished this with a common-sense proposal to make sure taxes paid at the gas pump go to fix our roads – including the 6 percent sales tax drivers already pay – without comprising schools, local government revenue sharing or anything else. In fact, our plan adds more money for both schools and revenue sharing.

“We also conducted a department-by-department, line-by-line review of how the state spends taxpayers’ money – looking for savings and efficiencies at every turn. Requiring administrative savings will not hurt essential services for Michigan residents. It will focus spending where it does the most good. We’re forcing a discussion about failed information technology projects with cost overruns taking away money that could otherwise be invested on roads, schools and other essential services.

“I am proud of this budget plan and the commitment it shows to providing the best value possible for Michigan families and taxpayers. I will continue fighting for taxpayers and their top priorities as the budget process continues with the Senate and the governor.”