The clues point to a #BrighterFuture for Michigan

You don’t have to work at a famous detective agency to see the clues here: Michigan is poised for a brighter future. A new story from the AP out today shows that Michigan’s economy is growing faster than both the Great Lakes region and the national economy. On top of that, more evidence of Michigan’s…


Voters approve Proposal 1: Here’s what’s next for our state

On Tuesday, voters across the state cast their ballots, and when it was all said and done, Proposal 1 passed with nearly 70 percent support. By giving final approval to Proposal 1, voters approved a Republican-led plan to phase out the burdensome personal property tax (PPT) which required small businesses to pay additional taxes on office equipment…


#TBT: Judging a committee by its accomplishments

In similar fashion to last week’s #ThrowbackThursday, we are again focusing on the achievements of another House committee – the House Judiciary Committee. Chaired by Rep. Kevin Cotter, the House Judiciary Committee discusses and passes bills that, on the surface seem nuanced and confusing, but have a huge impact on Michigan laws and an everyday…

Comerica Bank

Michigan’s economy continues to rebound

We all know Michigan’s economy is rebounding — “Now Hiring” signs are popping up in window fronts across the state, unemployment numbers continue to drop and new businesses are bringing new jobs to our state almost daily. But it’s still nice to get confirmation that our state is continuing its resurgence, which is why Comerica…


Michigan’s comeback: Here, there, everywhere

Michigan’s comeback can been seen through a number of initiatives and programs – all designed to give each and every resident a brighter future – but there’s one thing each success story has in common: Republican leadership. This is another one of those stories. Today, the governor announced that six companies from China, Italy, Germany…


#TBT: House committee dedicated to honoring Michigan’s veterans

In this week’s edition of #ThrowbackThursday, we are taking a closer look at the accomplishments of the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. During the 2013-14 legislative session, House Republicans were dedicated to helping veterans returning from combat and former active duty service members alike – and the results from this committee speak for themselves….


Movies, T.V. shows tell the story of Michigan’s brighter future

People around the country are getting a chance to experience our Great Lake State for themselves, thanks to a number of T.V. shows and movies hitting the big and small screens alike. In recent years, Michigan’s budding film and T.V. industry has grown, and television and feature film production are up. Everyone knows about the blockbusters that are…


ICYMI: Investing in Michigan’s future

Well, it’s another day and there is another story about Michigan’s comeback.  This time it’s about venture capital investments throughout the state.  Two of the nation’s largest investment firms issued a quarterly report on capital investment projects nationwide, and Michigan has shot up the rankings. During the last quarter, venture capitalists invested $114.2 million in…

State Rep. Ken Yonker, (right) with Eric Moederzoon from the Kent County Road Commission filling a pothole.

Bridging the information gap: Michigan road funding in the news

With construction season in full swing, now seems like a good time to look back at the work Republican leadership has done to pave the way toward better roads in Michigan. Whether approving money for much needed local projects, investing existing resources in our roads, introducing road funding legislation or even putting on a hardhat…


#TBT: From tax burdens to tax relief

When Republicans gained majority in the House, they pledged to help businesses grow by reducing their tax burden. Republicans have done so in many ways – including the elimination of the oppressive Michigan Business Tax – but today, we focus on changes to the Personal Property Tax (PPT). That’s why we’re throwing it back twice:…

Photo courtesy of Rich Adams

#TBT: A fix to Michigan’s fireworks laws

Prior to 2011, Michigan residents had to travel to surrounding states to purchase many of their fireworks, taking money away from our economy and making most recreational fireworks illegal in our state. However, in 2011, the laws were changed, and Michigan began to allow consumer fireworks for personal use. Unfortunately, the increase in fireworks purchases…

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The people of Michigan benefit from our growing list of accomplishments

Throughout the month of June, the governor has been busily signing legislation into law that both the House and Senate approved earlier in the month. Many of these new laws are part of the House Republican Action Plan, so we thought we’d update our progress again to keep Michigan residents informed of the very latest…


Building solutions, but our work isn’t done

House Republicans have made it a priority to create a brighter future in our state, and even though we haven’t accomplished everything on our checklist, we are still working to ensure a better Michigan for everyone. Over the past few months, we have been working to find solutions to problems facing Michigan’s hardworking women and men….


#TBT: From firing to hiring in Michigan

Four years ago, Michigan was still reeling from the recession as residents fled the state and jobs disappeared. Michigan lost more than 800,000 jobs during the Lost Decade, and the effects of those layoffs were felt by the entire state. In fact, according to a Manpower Employment Outlook Survey done near the end of 2010,…