Rep. Runestad honors 70th anniversary of Milford Garden Club

PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Jim Runestad (right) commemorated the 70th anniversary of the Milford Garden Club on Thursday evening. The Milford Garden Club is one of the largest active gardening clubs in the nation, with over 150 active members. Rep. Runestad was joined by Sen. Mike Kowall and Milford Garden Club President Sandy Riss.

Reps. Noble and Runestad testify in House Transportation Committee

PHOTO INFORMATION: State Reps. Jeff Noble and Jim Runestad testify in the House Transportation Committee on House Bills 5542 and 6011. HB 5542 (Runestad) proposed to eliminate the unnecessary requirement for law enforcement officers to take onsite ticket payments from out-of-state motorists. HB 6011 (Noble) would enter Michigan into the Driver License Interstate Compact, an…

Rep. Runestad welcomes Milford students to state Capitol

State Rep. Jim Runestad today welcomed students from Kurtz Elementary School to Lansing. Twenty-six students toured the Capitol and had the opportunity to visit the representative during their class field trip. Rep. Runestad will be visiting Kurtz Elementary in Milford on Friday, March 16 to read to students and celebrate March is Reading Month.