Bumstead votes to improve hunting and fishing in Michigan

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State Rep. Jon Bumstead today voted for legislation guaranteeing residents the right to hunt, fish and take game in Michigan, and giving active duty military free hunting.

Senate Bills 288 and 289 give the Natural Resources Commission the right to establish hunting seasons and add species to the game list in Michigan. The legislation specifies that mourning doves cannot be added to the game list.

The bills also give the NRC the same oversight regarding fishing as they have over hunting game species.

“This common-sense legislation gives the NRC the authority to do what they are trained to do and make hunting and fishing decisions,” said Bumstead, R-Newaygo. “Making sure hunting and fishing are properly regulated will make sure these activities are preserved in Michigan for both current and future generations to enjoy.”

Bumstead also was proud to provide active-duty military members free hunting opportunities in Michigan.

“Giving our heroes free hunting is a common sense way to honor them for their efforts to keep us safe every day,” Bumstead said.

Bumstead sponsored the House version of this bill package, which now heads to Gov. Rick Snyder for consideration.