Build your career in Michigan

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Happy Labor Day!

A national holiday since 1887, Labor Day is set aside to pay tribute to our country’s workers and their achievements. It is a yearly celebration of the contributions American workers have made to the strength, success and vitality of the U.S.

Michigan is filled with hard-working men and women who are essential to our state’s economy and its recent comeback — but we also have 80,000 jobs still waiting to be filled by skilled workers.

“Improving skilled trades in Michigan is a top priority — the whole area of career-tech education is.”

— Governor Rick Snyder

Recently signed laws give high school students more leeway in exploring vocational and skilled-trade programs, but those new graduates also need a way to connect with employers in our state who will put their skills to use.

That’s where comes into play. It lists job openings across Michigan, encouraging job seekers to discover new career opportunities and closing the skills gap at the same time.

Focusing on skilled trades and the jobs they create puts more Michiganders back to work — and ensures a brighter future for us all.