Paving the way to “Build Better Michigan Roads”

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House plan

Building a Better FoundationAfter investing $584.8 million in existing state resources into Michigan’s roads, House Republicans are at it again — this time unveiling a plan to “Build Better Michigan Roads” and invest even more current resources into the state’s roadways.

The proposal calls for structural changes in transportation funding and focuses on increased efficiency, better quality and improved fairness, all while increasing road funding to a minimum of $500 million annually.

Michiganders have spoken, and the Michigan House has listened. It’s time to invest in Michigan’s roads and bridges, and do it in a more effective way.

“After our roads had been neglected for too many years, we have led the way with one-time investments in roads for each of the past three years; now it’s time to make structural changes that will continue and build upon that trend. This proposal does not provide the full $1.2 billion needed annually to stay on top of Michigan’s road needs but it is a great start for funding and an even better foundation for further improvement.”

— House Speaker Jase Bolger

Check out Speaker Bolger’s full press release about the plan.