Growing industry invests in Grand Rapids’ brighter future

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West side brewers are crafting a bright future throughout the city.

#MIBrewingJobs Tour

In recent weeks, we’ve seen reports of the city of Detroit returning to the ranks of national innovation hub and new inventions spurring more startups from the University of Michigan. Good news for the west side of the state is pouring in too, thanks to increased investment from Michigan’s growing craft beer industry.

The growth of this industry has been well documented in both the media and the House Republicans’ #MIBrewingJobs Tour.

Now, New Holland Brewing Co.—the first stop on last year’s #MIBrewingJobs Tour—is hoping to jump-start the revival of Grand Rapids’ west side as the anchor in a $17 million development announced this month.

Thanks to House Republicans, changes to the Michigan Liquor Code helped create the opportunity for this new development by allowing breweries to produce and sell their beer at two locations instead of just one. Rockford Construction helped draft the development plans, which also feature retail spaces and apartments.

While downtown Grand Rapids has been experiencing incredible growth and prosperity, the west side of the city has been slower to improve. However—like many Pure Michigan businesses—New Holland Brewing Co. and Rockford Construction, along with other companies like Harmony Brewing Co. believe in the potential for a brighter future in all areas of the city, and are willing to do their part to ensure Grand Rapids is improving across the board.

Many stories out of Detroit, Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids show good fortune spreading all across the state thanks to hardworking Michiganders. From the shores of Belle Isle to the banks of the Grand River, Michigan’s brighter future is becoming a reality for all who call the Great Lake State home.