Bill prevents use of taxpayer money to benefit illegal immigrants

Categories: Runestad Op-Ed

In the interest of ensuring Michigan taxpayer funds are spent to assist our most needy citizens and on safety net programs, I co-sponsored a bill that prohibits municipalities from utilizing taxpayer funds to support programs that bene t those who are here illegally.

This bill prohibits local governments from adopting spending measures or enacting laws, charters, resolutions or ordinances that would spend hard earned taxpayer dollars on programs and services for those who are not legally in our nation.

Recently, the Washtenaw Board of Commissioners approved a three-resolution package to begin expending taxpayer dollars on individuals who are unauthorized to be in our country. These resolutions direct the Washtenaw County administrator to provide free legal services for illegal immigrants, such as powers of attorney, visas, child custody resident applications, detention and deportation information.

Michigan municipalities are still struggling from the Lost Decade. Many of our services are currently overburdened and underfunded, leaving our legal citizens in limbo.

These scarce taxpayer dollars ought not be directed to cover the legal expenses of those who are here illegally, and I encourage people across the state to contact their elected o officials and tell them to reserve scarce taxpayer dollars to build a proper safety net for their fellow citizens.


Published in Spinal Column and the Oakland Press on 10/26/17