Back-to-school: Ensuring our students can safely travel the route to a brighter future

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BusWith back-to-school season upon us, it’s important to make sure that you and your children know a few key bus safety tips so everyone can make it to school safely and securely.

Check out this handy graphic courtesy of the Michigan Secretary of State’s office to see what the different lights on the back of a school bus look like.


FLASHING RED OVERHEAD LIGHTS: Stop at least 20 feet from the school bus and remain stopped until the bus turns off its red lights and resumes travel.

FLASHING YELLOW HAZARD LIGHTS: Treat this as you would a flashing yellow traffic light and proceed with caution.

Also take note: these rules do not apply to drivers who are separated from a bus by a concrete or grass median.  However, caution should still be taken in those circumstances, as children may dart out into traffic.

While safety should be your No. 1 concern, it’s also important to remember traffic fines for failing to stop for a school bus are double what would normally be assessed for a moving violation.

Let’s make sure everyone gets back to school safely this year, so all our students – and teachers – can continue on a path to a brighter future!