Rep. Diana Farrington, R-Utica; audio on RTA flexibility

Rep. Farrington talks to reporters on the House floor about her plan to ensure residents of the four counties that make up the Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan are not forced to pay for services they do not receive.

Rep. Jack O’Malley, R-Lake Ann; audio on Youth in Government visitor.

Rep. O’Malley talks about his breakfast guest Thursday, Ryan Biller of Manistee High School. Ryan Biller will be at the Capitol during the weekend for the annual Youth in Government program, which provides Michigan high school students with the opportunity to learn about representative democracy.

Rep. Thomas Albert, R-Lowell; audio on signing of marijuana labeling legislation

Rep. Albert talks about the signing into law by the Lieutenant Governor Wednesday of his legislation, HBs 4126 and 4127, which require warning labels to be placed on recreational and medical marijuana products sold in Michigan. The labels will read: “Warning: Use by pregnant or breastfeeding women, or by women planning to become pregnant, may…