Rep. Tom Leonard, R-DeWitt Twp.; audio crime restitution legislation

Rep. Leonard talks about his legislation that clarifies the state’s Crime Victim’s Rights Act to say that courts shall order the continued payment of restitution to the estate of the victim of a crime if the victim should die.  Rep. Leonard says his bill is in keeping with the intent of the original law, buy…

Legislative Update for August 2, 2013

House Republicans talk about testimony on Common Core standards for education, look at Michigan’s summer tourism season, and discuss the renewal of the 134-year old state Capitol. Legislative Update for August 2, 2013

Legislative Update for July 26, 2013

House Republicans talk about legislation they’re introducing in response to conversations with constituents.   Legislative Update for July 26, 2013

Rep. Bob Genetski, R-Saugatuck; audio on Bridge Card use for bottle deposits

Rep. Genetski talks about his new legislation that requires that the Michigan bottle deposit portion of a grocery bill be paid with cash, check, credit card or debit card.  The Representative says he has had reports from retailers in his district about individuals purchasing large quantities of pop, emptying the bottles in the retailer’s parking…

Rep. Peter Pettalia, R-Presque Isle; audio on natural resources town hall meeting

Rep. Pettalia talks about the the July 25th town hall meeting he will host on natural resources issues with state Rep. Andrea LaFontaine of Macomb County, the Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee.  The meeting is set for 6:00 p.m. Thursday at the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.  One of the topics of especial…

Rep. Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant; audio on repealing outdated law

Rep. Cotter talks about his efforts to repeal an outdated state law requiring that a cosmetology business and a cosmetology school operating under one roof be separated by a wall.   Representative Cotter says the issue was brought to him by a constituent, and, after studying the issue, found no reason for the existence of the…

Legislative Update for July 18, 2013

House Republicans talk about continued job creation, strong ratings for the state’s budget stabilization fund and spending time listening to Michiganders about natural resources.   Legislative Update for July 19, 2013