Rep. Ray Franz, R-Onekama; audio on Senate committee passage of veterans legislation

Rep. Franz  talks about Tuesday’s Senate Military and Veterans Affairs committee passage of his legislation that allows fire departments in Michigan to waive examination requirements for veterans with military experience as firefighters.  Rep. Franz says the bill is a common-sense measure that benefits both local fire departments and military veterans.  

Rep. Nancy Jenkins, R-Clayton; audio small business investment legislation in committee

Rep. Jenkins talks about her HB 4996, which would allow Michigan residents to make an equity investment in Michigan small businesses through Web-based crowdfunding.  The measure, which will be before the House Commerce Committee on Wednesday, could help small and neighborhood businesses raise capital that they might not be able to raise otherwise.   Currently, Michigan…

Legislative Update for October 11, 2013

House Republicans talk about protecting accident victims, hunting and fishing promotion and education, and preserving student privacy as new technologies are introduced into student testing.