Legislative Update for November 5, 2013

House Republicans talks about legislation reforming Michigan’s Court of Claims and House passage of a bill establishing equity crowdfunding as a means of raising capital in Michigan.  

Rep. Pete Lund, R-Romeo; audio on Court of Claims legislation

Rep. Lund, the Chair of the House Government Operations Committee, talks about Tuesday’s committee passage of legislation that would move the Court of Claims from the Ingham Circuit Court to the Michigan Court of Appeals.  The measure is now before the full Michigan House.  Rep. Lund says it is important that judges who hear claims…

Legislative Update for October 31, 2013

House Republicans discuss a bi-partisan package approved Thursday targeting metal theft and talk about the growing benefits of Michigan’s 2011 workers’ compensation reform law.  

Legislative Update for October 30, 2013

House Republicans talk about Eastern Michigan University student teachers caught in a political dispute and discuss new legislation requiring third-grade students to meet reading benchmarks to pass to the fourth grade.

Legislative Update for October 29, 2013

House Republicans hear Detroiters say they want a city that works, and also discuss a measure to eliminate a Depression-era law that prohibits the sale of tickets for sporting events and concerts at more than face value.