Rep. Hank Vaupel, R-Fowlerville; audio on drug pricing transparency legislation

House Health Policy Committee Chair Rep. Hank Vaupel talks about his HB 5223, which is up for discussion in his committee next Wednesday.   The legislation would require manufacturers of prescription drugs to file an annual report on the costs associated with prescription medication, a move Rep. Vaupel says would provide a new level of transparency…

Rep. Lana Theis, R-Brighton; audio on House passage of student safety legislation

Rep. Theis talks about House passage Thursday of her three-bill package of legislation designed to protect underage victims of sex crimes on school property when they are assaulted by a fellow student. The legislation was prompted by a recent Livingston County case where a 16-year-old was convicted of criminal sexual conduct charges against multiple victims…

Rep. Holly Hughes, R-Montague; audio on victim impact statement legislation

Rep. Hughes talks about House passage Thursday or her HB 5407, legislation requiring convicted offenders to hear impact statements from victims or their family during a sentencing hearing. The convicted murderer of Rebekah Bletsch left the courtroom before her family members made their statements in a 2017 Muskegon County case.  

Speaker of the House Tom Leonard, R-DeWitt; audio on 2018 road work

Speaker Leonard tells reporters on the House floor after Thursday’s session that he is convinced that that an additional roads appropriation of $175 million given final approval Thursday, plus hundreds of millions of additional dollars already in the pipeline, will lead to better roads in Michigan in 2018.  

Rep. Triston Cole, R-Mancelona; audio on 2018 Michigan roadwork

House Transportation Committee Chair Rep. Triston Cole comments on the state’s road work plans for 2018 and says an additional $175 million set to be allocated this year instead of 2019 as well as record funding mean a lot of work is set for the coming construction season.  

Rep. Dr. John Bizon, M.D.; audio on signing of biosimilars legislation

Rep. Bizon talks about the signing into law of his HB 4472, which would allow pharmacists in Michigan to dispense an interchangeable biologic drug product in the place of a prescribed biologic.  Rep. Bizon says the plan has the potential to provide substantial savings for consumers.  The legislation is now Public Act 41 of 2018….

Rep. Jim Tedder, R-Clarkston; audio on signing of income tax exemption increase

House Tax Policy Committee Chair Rep. Jim Tedder talks about the signing into law Wednesday of legislation maintaining the state’s personal income tax exemption and then increasing it to $4900 per person by 2021, a move he says will provide real tax relief for everyone who pays the state income tax in Michigan.    …

Rep. Beth Griffin, R-Mattawan; audio on rural broadband legislation

Rep. Griffin talks about House passage Wednesday of her HB 5097, which streamlines broadband expansion in Michigan by capping fees that can be charged by county road commissions to providers building in a right of way and that will speed up projects while cutting government red tape.  

Rep. Mary Whiteford, R-Casco Twp.; audio on creation of psychiatric bed registry

Rep. Whiteford talks about House passage Wednesday of her HB 5439, which creates a psychiatric bed registry in Michigan that health care professionals can access for real-time information about the availability of in-patient beds.  The measure came out of the Representative’s work on the bipartisan CARES (Community, Access, Resources, Education and Safety) task force on…

Rep. Sue Allor, R-Wolverine; audio on Thunder Bay Marine Sanctuary Resoltuion

Rep. Allor talks about House passage Tuesday of her HR 222, expressing support for the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and opposing any reduction in its boundaries.  The Sanctuary is under review at the federal level and Rep. Allor says it plays an important economic and educational role in northeast lower Michigan.  

Rep. Lana Theis, R-Brighton; audio on committee passage of school safety legislation

Rep. Theis speaks about passage Tuesday by the House Law and Justice Committee of her legislation that would require schools to expel students who are convicted of criminal sexual conduct against another pupil enrolled in the same school district; and prohibit an offender from enrolling in a school building where their victim attends school.  The legislation is…

Rep. Beth Griffin, R-Mattawan; audio on legislation better protecting children from abuse

Rep. Griffin talks about her HB 5659, which makes youth sports coaches, trainers and volunteers in youth athletic activities mandatory reporters of child abuse.  The measure is part of a package of legislation unveiled at a press conference at the Capitol Monday.  The legislation is inspired by the recent sexual assault allegations against former physician Larry…