Rep. Joe Bellino, R-Monroe; audio on opioid legislation pending in Michigan Senate

Rep. Bellino talks about his HB 4408, currently pending in the Michigan Senate, which would require parental or guardian review and consent when a controlled substance containing an opioid is prescribed to a minor.  The legislation is part of a larger package that has moved through the House that also increases access to treatment and allows…

Rep. Jeff Yaroch, R-Macomb County; audio on proposal for unicameral Legislature

Rep. Yaroch talks about his HJR R, which calls for the establishment of a one-chamber Legislature in 2019.  Rep. Yaroch argues that a unicameral legislative body would be more efficient and would save state taxpayers around $50 million each year.  The plan would have to be approved by the Michigan Legislature and then go before…

Rep. Ned Canfield, D.O.; audio on new Caro hospital

Dr. Canfield talks about final passage of the state’s 2018 Fiscal Year budget by the state House on Tuesday, which includes $115 million for the construction of a new state psychiatric hospital in Caro, news that Rep. Canfield says is a positive development for his district at a number of levels.      

Rep. Klint Kesto, R-Commerce Twp.; audio on House passage of FGM legislation

House Law and Justice Committee Chair Rep. Kesto talks about House passage Thursday of Senate legislation that creates more stringent penalties for female genital mutilation, as well as Senate passage Thursday of his own FGM legislation, HB 4639, saying Michigan needs to have tough punishments on the book.