Real Solutions; Real Results

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COTTER-GLENN-ActionPressConf_0215_10House Republicans this fall continued to make progress on their Action Plan for the 2015-16 legislative session.

At the beginning of session, GOP lawmakers created an online list of policy proposals to help make state government more efficient, effective and accountable.

The 2015-16 House Republican Action Plan includes a record 78 specific goals to move Michigan forward using real solutions for real results. As of today, 99 percent of the items are moving forward. We have introduced 95 percent of those items in the House, with 76 percent approved by our chamber.

Along with our Action Plan items, the House approved a bipartisan plan to make state government even more transparent and accountable to the people. The plan allows Michigan residents to request and receive important documents from the governor’s office and state lawmakers. Both the executive office and state Legislature are currently exempt from Freedom of Information Act requests. The reform plan allows residents to obtain these hidden records and correspondences.

Increasing public access to our executive and legislative branches has been a priority for lawmakers like Reps. John Bizon of Battle Creek, Jason Sheppard of Temperance and Tom Barrett of Potterville.

Everyone is invited to review other strides we’ve made for the people of Michigan by reading our updated Action Plan status report here, or the entire 2015-16 Action Plan here.