House Republicans make progress on 50 percent of Action Plan items

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In only the first three months of the new legislative session,
House Republicans have made progress on more than
50 percent of their Action Plan items.

House Republicans have made it a priority to focus on making Michigan a better state for everyone who works and lives here. Earlier this year, we introduced our annual Action Plan and are proud of what we’ve accomplished in the first three months. We’ve seen the introduction of 50 percent of our Action Plan items and another 25 percent have legislation in the works.

Since we were asked to lead five years ago, we have been working to find solutions to problems facing Michigan’s hard-working women and men. Michigan residents deserve a transparent view of our top priorities and the progress on each issue. We not only believe that government should be open to the people, but those elected should always be willing to listen as well.

Of the bills already passed in the House and the other legislation that has been introduced, the focus has been on the following areas: efficient and good government; removing regulations and archaic laws; and creating smaller government.

Accountable, transparent action is something Michigan’s citizens expect under Republican leadership, and that’s why we believe it’s important to lay out specific, measurable goals for jobs, reform and responsible government. With that focus and dedication, Michiganders are experiencing a better Michigan today.

We’ve accomplished a lot so far, but still have plenty to accomplish. You can keep up with our progress in the Capitol here on our website.

You can read our updated Action Plan status report here, and the entire 2015-16 Action Plan here.