Speaker Cotter’s statement on parental involvement in schools

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House Speaker Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant, issued the following statement on the Michigan Department of Education’s recent proposal to limit parental involvement in local schools:


“I am calling on the Michigan Department of Education to extend the open period for public comment on their recent guidance proposal for local schools.  In a curious break from common practice, the State Board of Education failed to notify the state Legislature before moving forward on this controversial proposal.


“We have heard from countless parents who are upset at being deliberately cut out of their children’s education, and are livid at a government body that is trying to cut them out under the cover of night.  The word is out now on their divisive plan, and many parents are scrambling to have their voices heard.


“MDE should immediately and publicly push back the cutoff date for public comment, giving everyone in Michigan an opportunity to weigh in and protect their rights as parents.”